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okay today i learned that apparently the penis has a say in whether or not a child will be a boy or a girl

female sperm swims slower than male sperm, but the males can’t swim for as long as the females. this means that a long penis will be closer to the egg when releasing the sperm, and there will be a higher chance for the child to be a boy.

so in conclusion

if you have a lot of sons you have a big dick




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no, i don’t watch that show, but i do follow its developments extensively via tumblr

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here man i got the perfect book for u


with super-sturdy pages for your idiot hands

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[A new Sailor Moon dub] has been a legend among voice actors for the last four or five years, studios have almost got it so many times … I got a random email in my inbox, and they said “There’s an anime show you might want to audition for” - they didn’t tell us what the title of the show was, they sent all the sites for the characters, and so I opened them up, and I’m like, “this must be a joke” … “Maybe it’s a spoof,” because it just said ‘Sailor Jupiter’, ‘Sailor Moon’, ‘Sailor Venus’ … because obviously they wouldn’t be so chill about sending this out. This is SAILOR MOON. So I ignored it, for like 2 days. … Maybe I thought, like, if it’s still in my inbox in 2 days, then it’s real, and I will record it. If not, I don’t want to get my hopes up.

And they said you can’t tell anyone … I wasn’t supposed to tell family I was auditioning, none of the voice actors could tell each other they were auditioning for it. … I showed up to record another project and Stephanie Sheh [new actress for Sailor Moon] was there, and I said “Oh my gosh, I’m gonna be super late to get to this… other… session… thing,” and she goes “Me too… um… where you going?” … “Yeah, uh, to… um… I mean, I really can’t talk about it…” and she’s like, “Oh my God, is it the thing, that we’re not supposed to know that we’re in and nobody can know??” and I was like [gasps] “You know about the THING! Oh my Gosh! Are you in the thing too??” She’s like, “I am! Are you- are you one of the things, in the thing?” I was like “YESSS. Thank God, I’m glad we understand each other.” … The first rule of Sailor Moon is don’t talk about the fact that you’re in Sailor Moon. They’ll kill you.

… Getting to walk around to other conventions and have people say, “Yeah, they’re re-dubbing Sailor Moon,” and I had to really work really hard on “No way! Is that… is that a show? … I thought they did that. Is that the one with the cats?”

— Cherami Leigh on what it was like to be cast as Sailor Venus in Viz’s new dub of Sailor Moon. (AVCon 2014)

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snapchats from agent maria hill

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Sharing is caring. Caring is futile. For the truly exceptional to care is to willingly offer the hard-earned fruits of their toil to the parasites below. Atlas shrugs, not drugs.


Sharing is caring. Caring is futile. For the truly exceptional to care is to willingly offer the hard-earned fruits of their toil to the parasites below. Atlas shrugs, not drugs.

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so I’m at work and I submitted a letter of employment contract to the human resources manager as a joke that says Nanase Haruka is a chef de partie in our airline catering services and I’ll find out later if she’ll stamp it as valid holy shit I can’t wait

update: our airline’s human resources manager doesn’t give a shit


attempt #2: i just filed a complaint against an airline security officer named Rin Matsuoka because he was being too sexy in the airport, let’s see if it will get stamped


update: no one reads anything in this airline


what airline is this I’m not sure if I want to avoid it or fly on it forever

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